In this section you can find information about

  • The first visit
  • Periodical control visit
  • Instruments, devices and techniques
  • Root canal treatment: because your teeth fit better than everything else
  • Dental implants: when a root canal treatment is not an option

Dr Massimo Mori is a chartered active member of the Italian Endodontic Society. Members of SIE are divided into Ordinary and Active. Marchio SIE

To obtain the status of active member SIE is necessary to have at least three years’ seniority of registration and take a particular interest in Endodontics.

The awarding of the title of Active Member of the SIE (Italian Society of Endodontics) represent the recognition of the professionalism of the member, as well as an important incentive for all to deepen and apply modern endodontic techniques.

SIE includes among its members the most famous people in Italian endodontics, both within the profession both within the university; the Italian Society of Endodontics is the place where University and Profession meet and interact, giving rise to a fruitful exchange of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.