Case Reports

Case reports

Case reports play an important role in medical education.

Case reports and series have a high sensitivity for detecting novelty and therefore remain one of the cornerstones of medical progress; they provide many new ideas in medicine .


Case Reports SAF Dott. Massimo Mori


C-shaped with a lateral apical foramen

C-shaped with a lateral apical foramen 1       C-shaped with a lateral apical foramen 2



Case description

This case of a third mandibular molar (#48), treated in September 2013, presents an a-typical morphology, starting with taurodontism, then a C-shape structure of the root canal in the apical third, where the separate root canals combine into one, and then a sharp 90 degrees curvature of the root canal into a distally-located apical foramen.
The canals were treated with the SAF System and obturation by warm vertical compaction, which illustrates how the Self-Adjusting File was able to thoroughly clean the canals, including the difficult apical curvature.